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You have the power to create every single moment in your life. Whether you're wanting individual guidance, individual mentorship or goal achieving, we will guide, inspire and empower you to create the life of your dreams.


"...Through his lessons, which I still use today, I have been able to grow and lead multiple companies as a CEO and business consultant. Warren gave me the foundation to recognize the value of everyone around me and how to get the best out of everyone on my teams. For decades Warren has been that inspirational guide for me personally, and he is someone I can turn to for almost any challenge."


~Mike Guevremont

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You are uniquely perfect!  There is no-one else like you on this earth.  Know, love and accept yourself for who you truly are and accept the abundance that will come.  Let us guide your journey towards your full potential and true individual purpose.

"Warren truly has the natural ability to create and deliver stunning dialogue and prepare compelling visual materials for presentations to any audience. He adopts clear and well-structured academic processes to determine the specific needs of his clientele. He engages well with audiences before, during, and after delivering his presentations. Warren emphasizes the process rather than the product. Warren Morris is a very powerful presenter"


~William Winford



With Essential Means LLC is a consulting company dedicated to teaching young people how to become role models in the way they act, speak, and dress before entering the adult world. We work closely with youth, instilling in them confidence while inspiring them to realize their power. By providing youth with individual guidance, individual mentorship, and goal achievement support, we guide, inspire, and empower each youth to follow and create a life of possibilities. Our agency brings light to schools and athletic departments by also helping students become positive role models and public servants in society.

With Essential Means LLC understands the importance of being your best when representing yourself, your family, and your school. We also recognize that education is key for entering the professional sector, as athletic prowess does not necessarily guarantee a successful career. To enhance foundational skills that are pivotal in the financial and business world, With Essential Means LLC offers classes in public speaking, dressing for success, and gaining visibility in the local community by giving back to community service activities. With Essential Means LLC does not take anything away from the school or the participants’ personal life.

Most Sincerely,

Warren Morris