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The President and Founder of With Essential Means LLC, Mr. Warren E. Morris, is a US Army retiree with 21 years of active service, during which he achieved the rank of sergeant major as a senior non-commissioned officer. Mr. Morris has spent the past 40 years working for the federal government, occupying key positions within the military and civilian sector, and holds a top-secret clearance. 


Mr. Morris understands that role models influence young men and women – and have a significant impact on academic and social development.  He also understands the importance of discipline and of always being positive in our personal endeavors. To give back to the community, he founded With Essential Means LLC to accomplish his dream of helping others become the best version of themselves, even when no one is looking.


His military and civilian education and credentials, along with his life experiences, serve as a great example for teaching the next generation that hard work and dedication open doors to endless possibilities. 

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