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Private one-on-one sessions are uniquely designed to offer individuals and families meaningful, safe, and confidential mentorship in the place you feel most comfortable: your home. Our agency’s one-on-one support offers a personal and well-developed relationship to ensure accountability between the mentor and mentee. 


Our professional team will design sessions to help you and your loved ones become the best version of yourselves. Our agency will help you define where you are today and identify your desired future focus and goals so we can better understand you as an individual. In this way, we develop shared professional goals that are relevant to your life circumstances.


These sessions go beyond simply identifying goals. We also help you achieve your goals by introducing you to new ways of thinking, challenging your assumptions that may be holding you back, sharing life lessons, and much more.


With Essential Means LLC uses common topics that mentees seek to work on with their mentors, including communication skills, leadership skills, networking, work/life balance, organizational culture, and management skills.


Through one-on-one sessions, the mentor and mentee will concentrate on four stages: preparation, negotiation, growth enabling, and closure.

  • Preparation of clear objectives

  • Negotiation by learning about lifestyles with a focus on what you hope to accomplish each time you meet with one of our team members.  

  • Growth enabling prepares you to be yourself through open and honest communication.

  • The choice of a comfortable session length supports effective closure, enabling you move through each stage to complete your goals.  


Our team will guide you along each of these steps to help you grow every day.

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